When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going With These Emergency Measures

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Keeping up a regular exercise routine isn’t easy. You’ll need to fight every step of the way to keep yourself motivated and work towards your end goal. In many ways, though, your efforts here can feel  a lot like running on the treadmill. You’re working as hard as you can, but you aren’t getting anywhere.

Nothing’s more disheartening than not seeing results from the work you put in. When that feeling sets in, it’s all too easy to give up altogether. The trouble is that, when you give up, you remove any chance you did have of reaching those goals. Besides, people who do give up are usually closer to those achievements than they realize. Yet, even after a few days of skipping their routines, they put themselves back at square one.

If you’re struggling to push through right now, you might want to think twice before chucking in that sweaty towel. Instead, turn to these emergency measures which should see you through.

Get to the bottom of the problem

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If exercise isn’t working for you, there’s probably a reason. By diagnosing the problem, you could adjust your methods to see results sooner. That, in turn, should ensure you don’t feel the need to give up again. The problems underneath are sure to vary from person to person. Ask yourself key questions, like whether you’re pushing your boundaries or growing your practice. Consider, too, the kinds of exercise you’re choosing, and whether they’re the best way towards your goal. At some stage, you’re sure to realize what’s holding you back. Once you know that, there’s no excuse not to try again.

Remember that you aren’t the only one struggling

The world of exercise can be strangely competitive. If you head to the gym and end up exhausted, it’s easy to feel inferior to all those who aren’t even breaking a sweat. Even among your friends, you may feel like you’re the only one having a hard time. But, there’s every chance that this isn’t the case. Most people on a get-fit journey have wobbles like this. The best way to make yourself feel less alone in this is to follow along with other people’s efforts on blogs like Challenge SEP. A few weeks into reading, you’ll see that everyone faces setbacks sometimes. If that doesn’t quite satisfy your feeling of failure, talk to friends. The chances are that they have as hard a time as you do. And, once you open that dialogue, you may find that things like group exercise could help you all to help each other.

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Keep pushing

If neither of the above work, then we’re afraid that you’ll just need to keep pushing. Remember that most people who give up are closer to their goals than they know. Set yourself to keep going for two weeks or a month. Within that time, keep pushing yourself as much as you’re able. By the end of it, we’re willing to bet that you’ll start to see some results.


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Worried About Hitting The Gym? Don’t Be! It’s Easy!


We’ve all been there. The stage where you want to sign up to an actual gym but haven’t quite the guts to get going yet due to a multitude of reasons. Perhaps you’re worried about training in public and that you’ll be laughed at, or that you feel you won’t see much progress and it will be a waste of money. Everyone has thought like that at one time or another. Pretty much everyone who has decided to get in shape has obtained stuff from an online fitness equipment store and tried getting it done from home, but it never fully scratches the itch like a dedicated gym. If you’re reading this and you feel similarly, then you’re in luck! Hitting a gym isn’t as tough as you think. Let’s run through a few things you can do to get you up and running.   

Look Into It

The first thing you’ll want to do is, like with most things, a little research into the world you’ll be delving into. Have a look at videos of people similar to you, read some articles and try to find some workouts that suit you. It’s better to be prepared.

Make A Plan

You might feel comfortable just turning up and doing things a little willy-nilly. But it’s best to plan out when you’ll go and what you’ll train. You’ll be able to get yourself mentally prepared as well as keep yourself organised around other aspects of your life.  

Never Expect Instant Results

One of the worst things you can do when getting yourself fitter or stronger is to look at yourself after a few weeks and worry that things aren’t changing. It can make you feel like it’s pointless and can take away your motivation. Don’t panic. It takes a lot of time. It’s a cliché, but it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. If you’re patient and you keep it up for a long time, you’ll see results.

Focus On Form

The best thing to do during a workout is to keep the correct form through the entire session. It doesn’t matter if you feel you can lift more weight, if you’re doing it wrong then you’re not going to see anywhere near as much progress.

Don’t Worry About Others

One of the biggest fears people have when thinking about a gym environment is the thought of doing something silly, or looking out of place and being judged. It’s not the case at all. Sure, there may be a kid in there who acts childish, but he or she is in the wrong here. You’re all in there to reach the same kind of goal, and people around you will be friendly and helpful – just as you’ll be once you’re experienced and a newbie needs help!

Rest Well

Once the workout is done and you’re home, you’ll want to feed yourself after a good session and all of that worrying that amounted to nothing! There are a bunch of websites, articles and videos around that can tell you all about the right foods and drinks to aid your recovery. As you’ve realised it’s not much to stress over, you’ll want to go more! But careful, when your body is sore, you have to take a break from it. The body needs that time to repair and grow.


Is Eating Less Really The Worst Thing You Can Do When You Start Working Out?

When we dedicate ourselves to getting fit, most of us go all out. We could be living the most unhealthy life, but when we decide to change, we embark on both exercise and healthy eating. Isn’t giving this your all your best chance at success?

Sadly, the answer to that is both yes and no. While it makes sense you’d rather go hard with this, doing so isn’t always the best option. In fact, eating less when you’re starting to work out is the worst thing you can do. While you might see fast results, you’ll be doing a whole load of damage too. In extreme cases, going two in one like this could see your efforts going to waste altogether. Keep reading, then, to find out why embarking on a diet and exercise at the same time is never a good idea.

You won’t have the stamina you need

At the very least, eating less when you need more energy than ever is sure to make it tough to keep yourself motivated. That’s because you’ll feel exhausted much sooner than you would otherwise. Is that such a surprise if you’re surviving off salad and a handful of nuts? In this state, even ten minutes of intense exercise is sure to finish you off. That’s no way to build a decent practice. By comparison, eating a healthy but hearty meal a few hours before could give you the strength to keep pushing for hours. And, that’s sure to prove far better for your body.

Your body won’t be able to build muscle

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Perhaps more worrying is the fact that, without the right food, your body will be unable to turn your efforts into muscle. As can be seen from the articles on sites like healthandfitnessvitality.com, the right foods and protein are essential. Unsurprisingly, most of the foods which offer these benefits aren’t included in strict diet plans. If you keep on lifting weights while not getting the nutrients you need, then, you aren’t going to see results. Even worse, you could do damage in the long run because you aren’t allowing your body to heal.

You’ll burn more calories than you consume

You might have looked at this subheading and considered it a good thing. Somehow, this idea of a calorie deficit has become a desirable goal in modern culture. But, the word deficit should tell you that this isn’t a good thing for your body. You should never aim to burn more calories than you consume. Going back to the first point, this can leave you exhausted and unable to exercise. As can be seen from posts like this one on www.precisionnutrition.com, this isn’t even a cut and dry issue. Your body needs calories to metabolize your food, after all. As such, leaving yourself with no energy stores can slow your metabolism and actually lead to weight gain. That’s not what you want, and it’s just another reason why crash diets and exercise should never go hand in hand.


Easy Steps To Keep Yourself Motivated To Workout

We all know that being active and keeping fit is good for us and for our health. We all know the science and details behind it all, so from that side of things, it really is a no-brainer. But even when we know all of this, it can be hard to stay motivated all of the time. We can all go through little phases where we are keen and motivated, but then other times when we are lacking in motivation and inspiration, and the thought of exercise can be really tough. So here are some of the ways that you can stay motivated so that you can keep fit and stick to your exercise routine.


Change Perspective

If you want to look for ways to stay motivated then you need to start thinking about how you think about working out. If you have a bit of a couch potato mentality, then it can be easy to not exercise or justify not doing it. If you think like an athlete, then you will view your workouts as something that can improve you or something that can help you to be better. Think of the time that you exercise as a blessing, rather than a real chore or sacrifice, and amazing things will start to happen.

Look the Part

If you aren’t feeling up for working out, then you can look for many excuses to justify your actions. So with that in mind, it is important to make sure that you can look the part when you exercise, as that can be another thing that you might justify as a reason not to exercise. It could be that you just need to get a new pair of training shoes or a new sports bra, or could even mean scratching to your own track and field uniforms if you like working out outdoors. Just check what you have for your training gear and then you can see what will help you to stay motivated.

Set a New Goal

If you are just working out just to workout, then it will be clear that you are likely to lack motivation; that kind of working out is really boring. So if you are feeling a little uninspired, then it is a good idea to set a new goal. It could be that you want to improve how much you can lift or how fast you can run, or even a goal of signing yourself up for something like a triathlon so that you have something specific to work towards.

Schedule in Time

If you schedule in time for your workouts then it makes sure that they are much more likely to happen. So put them in your diary and then it is going to be harder to rearrange them and harder to justify why you can’t do it. It may feel like a little bit of a chore to start with, but it will get easier and easier and it will just become part of your routine.


How To Be Happy- Really

It’ a funny one really. Happiness is something that we are all looking for. But, isn’t that the problem? More on that in a minute.

There are many books with many tips to help you find happiness, but the truth is what works from one person, might not work for the next. Joy is unique. What makes someone else smile and feel content might not work for you. And that is perfectly okay.

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Stop Putting It Off

You know the saying “I’ll be happy when…” it is super toxic. By having that mindset, you are pinning your happiness on something that either a) might never happen or b) something that is a short term thing. Try and avoid using language that perpetuates the idea that you should be waiting for a particular event to make you happy.

You are giving your power away to something that you might not be able to control. Only you are in charge of your happiness.

Be Kind

You might opt to do something nice for someone you know, or maybe you do something for someone you don’t. Doing something kind for other people gives you what might be a ‘warm fuzzy’. It’s the glow associated with doing good things without seeking something in return.

Being generous with your time, money or just holding a door open for someone makes a difference to them and you.

If you know someone is having a hard time, send a message and give them support. If you can afford to buy someone’s homemade goods, then do so.

Sometimes it is as easy as listening to someone who needs to talk.

It should be noted that if you don’t have the mental or emotional space for this then do what you can.

Be You

A massive problem for many people is trying to be someone that isn’t true to them. It might be the influence of the media, or it might be a feeling that you should be doing better. But this can be an excellent opportunity to find out who you are, and what you like to do.

Try out different hobbies until you find out what you love. It might be learning to play the bass, it might be painting, or it could be finding the right fitness center.

If you find out what your natural passions are, and incorporate them into your life more, you will find a lot of joy when you do them.

Green Therapy

Some people call it forest therapy, others call it green therapy. There is a lot to be said for a simple walk in the woods. It might seem like it is going to be boring, or that you can’t find the energy. But once you get those walking boots on, and start wandering through the trees, you might see those stress levels come down dramatically.

Being happy isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t take much to give yourself the intrinsic boost in your daily or weekly life to find out what truly gives you that buzz.