Yoga for the Spirit

I’ve always loved Yoga, but I never realized what it could do for you on a spiritual basis. Yes, you here things and read stories on these people who claim that Yoga changed their lives, but until you actually practice it everyday, and realize the basis behind it, it becomes a entirely new workout. I tried my first Yoga class years ago, and I would go here and there , but until about a year ago, I started going at least three times a week. I started reading on the fundamentals and how it really works your body, mind and spirit. The more I read, I started becoming obsessed with the practice. Every time I traveled, I would find a yoga class or take my mat and do my yoga on my balcony or in my room. Here I am a year later, and it has truly changed my life. I can’t get enough of the way it makes me feel. I incorporate a class at least three times a week, and the other days ( which I try to work ), I find my mat, and get to work. The spiritual side of yoga is a whole other story. The calmness that it brings in your life is unreal. I feel my focus is better on my day to day tasks, and I find that I have truly slowed down my living. I embrace the small things, and find more time saying No to the things that really don’t matter to me. I am spending more time with my family because that is what truly matters the most. I have found that my sleeping is more solid . I truly feel blessed on how yoga has changed my life. I find that reflection everyday is what ground me and truly makes me appreciate how blessed I really am. I’m more in tune with my health. I feel like my mat is my best friend. Yoga


The Safest Way to SunBathe

IT seems these days there are more and more cases of melanoma . many of us find ourselves in the midst of the harsh sun in the middle of the days, not really knowing or realizing what the sun is doing to our skin, as well as our health. Our skin is our biggest organ, and the sun rays can affect our health not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. It is known that to get our recommended daily Vitamin D, we only need sun about 20 minutes per day. We are not only getting more than our recommended allowance, but we are far exceeding the time it takes for sun damage to settle in. I see women every day going in and out of tanning salons. It astonishes me that these women are not concerned, nor really care about their skin health. I see women , young and old , who are starting to develop the Crepy skin. This is due from over exposure from the sun and years of sun damage.

Melanoma is serious. It is on the rise, and it doesn’t take years of sunbathing to get it. There are more than 200,000 cases each year. It is by far the most dangerous form of skin cancer. These skin cells can multiply and spread to other areas of the skin, and even into the organs. This is something to take serious. We all love vacationing. The most important thing to remember is to Sunbathe smart. Here are some great tips on keeping your skin healthy and vibrant as you age.

  • Use a High SPF with both UVA And UVB protection – Try to buy SPF’s with star ratings. The best are ones with 4 stars. I love Aveda Sun blocks. They are rich , and high in factor ratings. Always apply your sunscreen at least 20 -30 minutes before heading into the sun.
  • Apply your Sun screen everywhere. Apply it to the ears, nose, and even scalp. The lips need protection too. These are the areas where melanoma can set in .
  • Don’t ever use sunscreen past the expiration date. The sunscreens become less effective with the expiration date.
  • If you feel like sun bathing, try to lay under an umbrella, or a shade of some sort. Always wear a hat to protect your scalp, and sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  • DONT ever use tanning beds. These are deadly. I truly have no idea why they are still legal.
  • One of the best ways to protect your skin is to stay in during the hours of 11-3.  These hours are when the sun is the strongest , and the rays are the strongest.

The most healthy way to beautiful skin is to love the skin you’re in. You don’t need to lay in the sun for hours on end, only to end up with wrinkled ,Crepy skin when you get older. You are taking risks every day that you put yourself in the sun. Stay protected. pexels


Collagen Bliss

Collagen is important as we age. As we get older, the more we lose, the more elasticity we lose in our skin. It is important for our joints, muscles, and bones.  It is important to add in a collagen supplement as we get older. I have been using Vital Proteins for some time now. I recently read on Collagen Inner Beauty Boost, and the reviews were amazing. I have been using it for about two weeks now, and the results are unbelievable. 

This collagen supplement is loaded with antioxidants of all sorts. It has goji berry, blueberry, a built-in probiotic elixir, and has added zinc, and vitamin C. The biggest result that I have seen is in my skin. My skin is glowing. I feel like for the first time that I can go out without any concealer on. My pores have shrunk,and my hair has seemed to grow an inch. It’s truly amazing. Collagen is hard to come by as we age, unless we are supplementing . This is great because we all need to keep a healthy gut. This has a great probiotic built-in for extra protection. The Vital Protein are great, but collagen can be a bit bland if it has no flavor. This has a great blueberry taste to it. It can be added into your daily smoothie, or even taken alone. It requires 1 tbsp a day. It truly is a great beauty booster, but also an extremely good health booster. If you are looking for a tasty supplement, you should try this collagen .


A Few Of My Fashion Loves For Summer

It seems that Spring completely by passed us with the heat that we have been having. I’m Ok with it. How about you? The one thing I love about Summer is shopping for cute Summer clothes. I’m loving the maxi dresses this summer with the bright color patterns. I’m also loving the off the shoulder dresses and tops that look super cute with a great skirt and wedges. Summer is one of my favorite seasons, and it’s fun to mess around with fashion while enjoying it. What are some of your favorite summer fashion trends this year? The loafers are another hit this season. You can find an array of them ranging from neutral colors to the brightest pink. I recently picked up the beautiful Valentino Rock Stud sandels. They are adorable, and who doesn’t love Valentino? They are the best when it comes to fashion. One of my all time favorite clothing boutiques is Vici Collection . They are adorned with the cutest dresses, skirts and jumpsuits you ever seen. I can’t stop looking at their clothes. It seems they have something new out everyday.

The photo below is a great dress by Vici collection. It is a denim material that drapes over the shoulders and ties in the back. This is perfect for a summer cookout or even a nice wine night at home. I paired this dress with some great Tory Burch Sandels . This dress could basically go with some great beige heels too. Check out Vici Collection for their newest and most beautiful collection for the season. I promise you , you will find things you love. Vici collecton Valentino Rockstuds


My Picks For Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and I have some of my favorite gifts to share with you. I know that there are many other gifts that can be given to your Mom, but here are just a few of my loves, and are some great gift ideas if your special mother loves these types of things. Mother’s Day is such a special day to spend being grateful for all that your Mother has done and the special person that she represents in your life. I always spend my day with my family, and it such a special time for all of us. I hope you all take this day and be present with that special lady in your life.

  • Jo Malone Diffuser- This is my all time favorite. I love everything Jo Malone. I have her candles and absolutely love the fragrances of her diffusers. They smell amazing, and this special gift is a must for everyone Jo Malone for Mothers Day
  • Tory Burch Handbag-  Who isn’t a Tory Burch fan? A great spring handbag for your special mom is such a gift in itself. They have come out with some great spring colors with the gorgeous chain strap that will go great with any spring wardrobe. The great component about Tory Burch is that they have many styles and colors to pick from. Tory Burch for Mother's Day

Ugg Pajamas- Pajamas are a comfortable gift if your mother loves to feel cozy . Ugg sells amazing pajama sets that is the perfect clothes for a night in, or having something comfortable to wear to bed. These pajamas are made so amazing, that I’m sure your mother will not ever outgrow these PJ’s. Ugg PJ's for Mother's Day


These are just a few of my favorite Mothers Day loves. A great memorable gift for your lovely mom is making a picture book with a nice quote or poem that reminds you of her. A shadow box full of some of your amazing memories over the past few years is another great gift that she is sure to love. Gifts come from the heart.