Proven Methods To Get The most out of your workouts.

Several people often feel guilty about not putting the best measures in place to keep fit. However, stepping to the gym is one-half of your fitness journey. The things you do in the gym will consequently determine your overall level of success. Building the best shape may sound intimidating and time-consuming, but you can reap great results in the long run with determination. Making the most out of your workouts starts with the following habits.

  1. Track your progress and compete

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Smartphone applications like S Health offer you a better way to track your fitness progress and achievements. You can link up with a couple of friends to make your routines more fun. It can be helpful to compete with others to achieve personal or collective goals. Having a competitive drive will compel you to go that extra mile you have never attempted. Your self-efficacy will be boosted because outstanding achievements can invigorate your efforts.

Do you hate to do indoor exercises in the gym? Consider registering for a run, cycling race, or even Ironman competition. This will allow you to set realistic training goals and increase your efforts. In addition, it’s not a bad idea to compete with yourself in any way. For instance, challenge yourself to jog four miles by adding an extra one-quarter mile every week. You could also try swimming 1000 meters or so nonstop, reducing the number of breaks each time you dive into the pool.

  1. Listen to music

As the saying goes, “music is food for the soul.” It is such a great source of motivation. So get tuned in every time you hit the gym. Your favorite songs will not only entertain you; they will keep you on track and improve your approach to training. Your heartbeat is one of the most primal rhythms on the planet. Set your pace for cardio with your favorite tunes. Mobile apps like Pandora and Spotify have playlists that you can choose to rock your show in the gym. Spotify actually has a feature that allows you to match music to your running pace. You can use this to select songs that suit your natural rhythm and also increase the beats per minute as you move faster. You should want to be cautious when your headphones are on, and you are outdoors – tunes don’t have to distract you from your surroundings.

  1. Eat the right foods

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Good nutrition is essential to unlocking your best performance in the gym. No matter how serious your stomach wants you to choose candy over nutritious dishes – don’t do it. Sugar in candy is an enemy to getting in shape – one bar can lead you to the next one. Strive to eat fruits and veggies instead. Apples, for instance, are good at promoting fullness for up to three or more hours—green vegetables like beans and broccoli aid your digestive system. Fitness enthusiasts like Jason Huh used their competitive bodybuilding experience to offer elite nutrition and food supplements. These serve as an excellent way to gain nutrients for body-building, especially if you are dieting and make the most of your gym experience.


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How to Make 2021 Your Fittest Year Ever

It is okay if you 2020 proved so much that you couldn’t bring yourself to achieving your fitness goals. However, you can get up to speed with your fitness program in 2021. According to a 2020 CDC report, more than 15% of US adults are physically inactive. Although getting fitter may seem a bit too much on your plate, a few lifestyle tweaks and simple habit-forming can give you that better physique you so crave for. That said, here are four ways to make 2021 your fittest year ever.

Ensure proper hydration

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Ensuring proper hydration is effective for losing fat and staying lean. Inadequate hydration does not only affect you physically, but it can affect your mental health too. Studies have suggested that even the slightest dehydration can cause a drop in focus and concentration levels, affecting your energy levels. Therefore, taking enough water is excellent for guaranteeing that your body is in the correct state to function correctly and digest fat. Additionally, increasing your water intake may influence your muscle endurance and strength output during workout sessions.

Prioritize good sleep

For a healthier and leaner body, sleep should be one of your top priorities. Although often overlooked, sleep is a crucial element for getting ripped. Even the best supplements, dieting, and training won’t make up for the inadequate good night’s sleep. Meanwhile, a study has linked shorter sleep times to increased BMI levels and a higher risk of obesity in men. Sleep enhances the release of growth hormone and protein synthesis, which is effective muscle growth and repair – the recovery kind you need for a regular workout. 

Plan your workouts

If you are like many other people who enjoy regular gym workouts, you should consider switching up and adding a plan to it. Create a schedule for your weekly workout. Plan exactly how you intend to carry them out and their particular days. A training schedule is great for focus and keeps you in a better mind to dominate your workout. Planning your workout leaves you with less room to skip them, which is excellent for keeping your fitness routine. If you prefer home or equipment-free workouts, you can consider getting some simple tech tools like the LED EMS Fat Burning Belt, which is excellent for muscle toning and body contouring.

Stretch before bed

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As easy as it may sound, stretching before bedtime is one of the effective ways to get fitter in 2021. Many fitness experts have confirmed the importance of stretching before sleep. Unfortunately, it is one of the most mistakes committed by even the most fitness enthusiast. Stretching shouldn’t be just a pre and post-workout activity. Stretching affects your performance by helping you manage burnout and post-workout injuries.

Getting fit can be as easy as adding a few things to build the proper framework for a healthy body and mind. However, there is no quick fix when you are trying to create a new habit. It’s more about your commitment and consistency, yet be patient with your initial steps and include more while developing.


Six Reasons Why Exercise Is Better With A Buddy

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Working out regularly can be tough, which is probably why statistics show that 80% of adults don’t get the recommended amount of exercise. So, one of the best ways to increase your chances of getting fit and meeting that recommendation is to get an exercise buddy, and here is why. 

  1. Accountability 

You and your buddy can hold each other accountable. If one of you is unmotivated, the other can motivate you! Guilt can be a great motivator, especially if you and your friend do not want to let each other down by sleeping in or abandoning the other. The extra level of accountability increases your odds of success. 

  1. Exercise More

With your exercise buddy, you can exercise more, and not just more often, more muscle groups! There are three types of muscles in the body, cardiac, smooth, and skeletal. Many gym-goers and trainers try to focus on multiple muscle groups during a session. However, it can drain more energy in less time. So, it is a good idea for you and your buddy to plan your workout so you can see which muscle groups to workout together. Such as chest, shoulders, and triceps. You and your buddy can hold each other accountable and actually stick to the plan. 

  1. Safety First

Depending on when and where you like to work out, for example, weights or running or trampolining, having a buddy can keep you safe. Whether it is running through the streets early in the morning or having them spot you. It is better safe than sorry. They can also keep track of your reps!

  1. Save Money

You can save money by working out with a buddy! Money on fuel when driving to and from the gym together; you can also split the cost of a personal trainer by booking group sessions! Also, if you wanted to do a sport like badminton which requires you to pay to book a court, you guys could devise a system where one of you pays every other week! 

  1. You’ll Work Harder

According to a study by Kansas State University, working out with a buddy you may perceive to be better, increases your workout intensity by 200%. This is because we are pushed to keep up with each other. Brandon Irwin, leader of the study, states that “when you’re performing with someone who you perceived as little better than you, you tend to give more effort than you normally would alone.” Nothing like a bit of friendly competition to get you fit and healthy!

  1. It’s fun!

It may seem unbelievable, but exercise can actually be fun! If you have someone to laugh with as you work out, you will have more positive emotions related to working out, and you will stop dreading it! Plus, can you actually play tennis or badminton without a buddy? It would make things easier if you had one. Also, maybe you and your workout buddy have achieved a goal, whether it be 5k or losing a few pounds. Enjoy your successes together with a well-earned meal or even a cinema trip! 


My Weekend Getaway Fashion

Hi Babes!

I just got away for the weekend to another one of my favorite spots, Marco Island. It’s such a quick place to go and unwind for a few days. The sun was shining the whole time, and the pool time never gets old. We spent a lot of time relaxing by the pool, and I chilled out with a good book. It was definitely needed.

I love getting my suitcase ready every time I head out of town on a trip. It is so fun putting outfits together, with all your accessories. I am a sucker for accessories, and I threw in some of my favorite new ones. These sunglasses are to die for. As I am a huge Tom Ford fan, these glasses are the bomb. You can order them from Nordstrom or at Tom Ford.

As a sun lover, it’s always important to have a great hat to wear while you are lounging out, and of course some really good sunscreen. I love this fedora by Eric Javitz. It really is the cutest hat ever, and boy did I get the compliments on it. It is a white color with a black tie around it. It can be paired up with just about everything. My kimono is a wrap I ordered a while back from intermix. I’m not quite sure they still have it in stock, but it is truly one of my favorites.

If you are looking for some great accessories for summer or to add to your wardrobe, Nordstrom has some great choices/

This Fedora and Tom Ford sunglasses are my favorite for vacations.


The Best Poses For Understanding The Spiritual Side Of Yoga

Yoga has so many amazing benefits to your physical and mental health, but most people get into it to stretch and strengthen their muscles. There are so many great poses that help you loosen your muscles, improve your posture, and build strength. So, whatever kind of workout routine you do, it’s always a good idea to incorporate yoga because it will improve your performance and improve your recovery times. 

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You can easily get started at home and you will notice a big difference in the way that your body feels after a short period of regular practice. It also gives you an opportunity to shut out all of the stresses of daily life, so you will feel more relaxed too. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg when practicing yoga and it goes much deeper than these simple benefits. 

Yoga is, at its heart, a spiritual practice and it is these benefits that will make the biggest difference. The basic yoga philosophy is about bridging the gap between mind, body, and spirit and seeing them as one interconnected whole instead of separate parts. Developing this mindset will bring huge improvements to your overall health and wellbeing. There are also many different paths of yoga philosophy that develop different areas of your spiritual health. It takes a lot of practice to fully explore this aspect of yoga, but there are some simple poses that will help you get started. These are the best poses to help you understand the spiritual side of yoga. 

Child’s Pose

Child’s pose is one of the most basic yoga poses and it’s great for stretching your back and shoulders. But there is more to it than you think, and it’s actually very important in changing your mindset and your approach to life. When you are in child’s pose, you are in a very passive, surrendering position. It’s a state of non-doing, which you can carry over into your everyday life. It helps you remain present and when things become stressful, it helps you remain passive and let things pass instead of allowing that stress to rule your life. 

Warrior Pose

Warrior pose is all about self-awareness and inner strength. It is a pose that builds physical strength and improves posture, but that feeling of strength increases your mental resilience at the same time. It encourages a positive mindset and better prepares you for mental challenges, both internal and external. It also forces you to engage and become aware of your body and mind. 

Tree Pose 

Balance is a very important part of the philosophy of yoga and the tree pose is one of the best poses to demonstrate it. Your foot stays rooted to the ground, demonstrating strength, but the rest of your body sways slightly, signifying the ever-changing nature of life and the constant evolution that you go through. 

Practicing yoga to stretch and strengthen your muscles is a perfectly good reason to do it. However, if you want to get more out of your sessions, you should think about the spiritual significance of the poses and the philosophy of yoga, in general.