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A little about me…….

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my fitness blog! I am here to give you all the insights on the greatest news in fitness, great healthy recipes, juicing news, and helping you achieve everything in the world of fitness! No matter if I go out to dinner, or what not, I get asked all the time about the workouts I do, my eating habits, and most importantly how I stay fit.. well Ive decided to put it out there, for anyone that needs the motivation, and encouragement to get where they want to be. Fitness to me is a must! It has helped me feel strong, and healthy , because as a busy mom, I need that energy to keep up with my kids these days, and it overall makes you feel better and healthy! I will posting daily some of the workouts that i do, the meals that I eat, among a lotos other great things in my fitness world. Fitness has always been important to me. In high school, I fell ill with mononucleosis, and had it so bad, that I felt on a daily basis as though I was dying. As a busy high school student active in sports, I didn’t really take care of myself the way that I should’ve. I was eating poorly, and just didn’t feel at the top of my game. When I was sick, I vowed to myself as soon as I got better, that I was going to change my eating habits, and start living a more healthy life.. and thats exactly what I did. Im a big believer in organic food, as it taste better, and your not getting all the preservatives associated with regular non organic items. Granted , there are certain things that really do not matter if eaten organic or not, but overall in order to maintain optimum health, the version and variety of grocery items you choose are a must! I hope you enjoy my blog and follow me into the wonderful world of fitness! Enjoy


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