Building up your calf muscles

Im sure you have sometime seen someone with killer calves, and think how in the world did they get those calves? Well, here are a few tips on how to build up your calf muscles. Well defined calf muscles always adds to the beauty of legs in general. One thing that you do not need to do is invest in pricey gym equipment to get those beautiful calves. You can add these exercises to your daily fitness regimen 3 times a week, and do 15-20 reps 3 x’s each.

-Seated calf raises( sit on a bench or chair, and put your hands on each side of you and raise your calf. ( slowly raise your heels and hold for a 5 count)

-Standing calf raises ( stand with feet a little apart, with weights in each hand and raise calves.( hold then release

-The standing calf raises should be 1.) the feet pointed out, 2.) the feet pointed in 3.) the feet straight forward. These are great calf building exercises.