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Ways to build up your abs!

There are so many ways to build up your ab muscles without working yourself to death. Some of the great exercises that I like to do are

– in and out crunch. (Sit up in c position and push your legs in and out. 10-15 reps ( 2 xs)

-ball crunch( lay on your ball and do 10-15 reps ( 2 xs)

– alternating knee to elbow crunch
( get in c position and pull leg up with opposite elbow crunching up! 10-15 reps ( 2 xs)

– ab twist( get in c position and twist abs from side to side! 10-15 reps ( 2 xs)

These ab exercises are all great on working up your ab muscles! Remember when doing these exercises, you need to keep your core tight at all times!

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