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Why water is important in workouts

Water is so important in your everyday life and most importantly during your workouts! It’s very important to stay hydrated for a number of reasons!
So many people do not know the importance of water , and most people do not drink enough water on a daily basis. People need to drink purified, spring water , not tap water!
Did u know that :
– over sixty percent of illnesses can be prevented with stress reduction and water consumption

– dehydration causes DNA damages

-looking at your urine will tell you if your getting enough water. If its really yellow, it shows your acidic!

– dehydration makes your system acidic

-dehydration causes alot of illnesses, and can accelerate aging.
Drinking water daily keeps your body intact, and helps flush out toxins! Your body needs water , preferably 8 oz glasses daily. Drink that water!!!!!!


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