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Eating to fight Pms

I’m sure every woman has experienced Pms in their life, but there are foods proven to decrease those Nasty symptoms! Irregular cycles are common among women, preferably due to egg numbers dropping as we age resulting in early ovulation which results in irregular menstruation! For alot of women , including myself we get certain cravings such as chocolate. Some things that can help are adequate sleep, relaxation techniques, exercise, and decreasing alcohol, caffeine, and salt!

Some foods that help are: fortified cereals, nuts, milk, orange juice, canned tuna, eggs , spinach, kale and Bok Choy! The important minerals and vitamins in these foods help discourage those nasty symptoms such as bloating, irritability, anxiety, headaches, and fatigue. These foods are high in thiamine, vitamin d, riboflavin, and calcium!

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