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Advantages and disadvantages of vitamins

People automatically think that if they take their vitamins on a daily basis, they are healthy. Don’t get me wrong.. You want to take your vitamins, but you also want to be safe about it and contact your doctor prior to starting vitamin supplementation. Things to remember:

The body is protected in many ways by the vitamins we consume, and if we consume less than is required , then we suffer from vitamin deficiency which can often lead to illnesses. Taking vitamins give us a kind of ” insurance” especially for people that do not follow a balanced diet. Taking vitamins along with medicine prescribed by a doctor may not be as healthy, that’s why it’s important to consult with your doctor first. One thing about vitamins is they can be costly. They can really add up, where eating healthy is alot cheaper for some. If you are not well educated on vitamin supplements , you can overdose on vitamins. You cannot overdose on the food you eat. If overdosing occurs, the vitamins are only going to be flushed from your system. Please take under your doctor if you are not educated. People who may benefit from multi vitamins are adults or children who lack following a balanced diet, pregnant and lactating women, those with digestive illness, or those that are suffering from lack if appetite. Be informed properly before popping those vitamins!

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