Tips for a healthy heart

A healthy heart is so important as we age. I have some tips on keeping your heart healthy and strong. – limit your saturated fat and trans fat. .. Do away with the fast food…View Post

Health benefits of juicing

There are endless reasons why juicing is the best: Check them out: Weight loss Boosting immunity Better digestion Sleep better Decrease allergies Help with womens issues Balance skin conditions Healthier hair Improved nail strength Decrease…View Post

Dangers of Capri sun drinks

So apparently a finding just came out on Capri sun , claiming they found fungi in the drinks. These drinks are NOT healthy. Kids need to be drinking nutritious drinks, without the preservatives, and colorings.…View Post

Delicious chicken tacos

These tacos are delish! The best part it’s a quick recipe. Enjoy! – 1 pound chicken tenderloins -1tbsp coconut oil – 1 avocado -1/2 cup salsa – 1/2 cup low fat sour cream -1 cup…View Post

How to make the transition to eating raw

Do you ever want to transition your diet to a more raw foods diet, but don’t know how?? Well here are a few pointers on how to make that transition: – start with breakfast. Make…View Post