Fit is fit as fit can get

I have gotten a few emails this week on how to gain muscle without gaining weight. Well first I want to tell you that muscle weighs more than fat, so number one rule- never look… View Post

My favorite leggings


Feta & marinara filled red peppers

These are unbelievably amazing for an appetizer or even snack. 2 red peppers 1/2 cup low fat feta cheese 1 cup marinara sauce Optional ( parmasean cheese) Take two red peppers , and dig the… View Post

Chicken &pesto lowfat wrap

This wrap is low fat and high in protein, and most of all delicious! 1 whole wheat pita wrap 2 oz. grilled chicken 2 tbsp low fat pesto sauce 1/3 cup spinach leaves 1/3 cup… View Post