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Why clean eating is important

Clean eating is important for a number of reasons. What you decide to put in your body makes up for how you feel in the long run. Eating whole foods without the dyes, refined starches, additives , among a few will make you feel at the optimum level if health. Avoid the processed enriched foods with color additives, and ” fake” whole wheat. Choose foods that are rich in color and are raw wholesome foods. Here are a few to get you started at the store: whole wheat bread( preferably bought at health food store, fresh fruit ( berries), fresh colorful vegetables, mushrooms, organic salmon. These items can be used in an assortment of healthy clean recipes. Try to buy organic as much as possible as their is no pesticide use on them.


Six moves to tone butt & thighs

One area that I know women are hard on themselves for or one area they would want to change is always their butt & thighs ! For one , women store fat in these areas easily. Here are six great toning exercises for those areas.

– jump squats. Do 3 reps if 15.

– walking lunges. Do 3 reps of 15.

– Romanian deadlifts. Do 3 reps of 15.

-jump rope / 1 minute intervals ( 3 intervals)

– squats with weights. 3 reps of 15

– back leg lifts. 3 reps of 15.

If you do these toning exercise 3-4 times a week along with a good clean diet, you will see the results!!!


Fit is fit as fit can get

I have gotten a few emails this week on how to gain muscle without gaining weight. Well first I want to tell you that muscle weighs more than fat, so number one rule- never look at the scale. Look more at the way your clothes fit. You can maintain the same weight , because as your working out over time , you will build muscle. Have you ever noticed that some fit models are 5’5, but weigh 145-150 lbs?? It’s because they have so much muscle , but are probably in a size 2-4 . Number 2 rule, you get out of it what you put in it. I work out every single day for at least 45 minutes, and have maintained my same weight since high school ( exception: pregnancies of course. Number 3 rule : it’s all about what you put in your body. You can’t expect to lose weight and gain muscle eating greasy foods& fat filled sauces. You have to choose clean eating & healthy eating! Number 4 rule: you have to work your ass off. You have to want it and know deep inside that you can do it and your worth it!! So in order to achieve the results you want, discipline yourself and know that the body you want is right around the corner with the hard and dedicated work you put in it!!!


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