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Zap the shine

Hi there! I’ve gotten a few emails this week of women asking me about how to prevent shine with makeup. When working out, I recommend NO makeup. It clogs pores because through a good workout , you will sweat . I really don’t like going to the gym watching a woman working out with a face full if makeup. I know when I work out , it gets the blood flowing and I actually like how my face looks after a workout believe it or not, BUT when I’m not working out, I have turned myself onto an amazing light foundation which I only wear when I go out. I have been using the perfect matte liquid dolce and gabbana foundation. It is a bit pricey , but wow I have never used a foundation quite like this! One thing to zap the shine is use a light serum ( primer) before your foundation and then top with a light powder. Use a light brush to apply your powder. If you use the pads that come with some , you can get the cakey look.



    • August 21, 2013 / 12:09 pm

      Its awesome.. You would love it.. I have tried many, and this is amazing.

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