Health benefits of almond milk

Everyone knows how healthy the almond is, but the added nutrients from the milk is just added wonders. It’s low in fat, high in energy, proteins, lipids, and fiber. It has loads of calcium, iron,…View Post

Celery juice

3 stalks celery 3 apples 1 stem broccoli 1 tsp lemon juice Wash your fruit, and leave the leaves on the celery. Core the apples. Slice fruit and place in the juicer. Juice all of…View Post

Spinach & egg salad

This recipe should be on your lunch menu! 1 cup spinach leaves 1 hard boiled egg cut up 2 lean turkey slices shredded 1 tomato/ diced 2 tablespoon of basil and pesto sauce Mix together…View Post

Dancing is fun and a great workout!

Do you ever look at the bodies and legs of professional dancers? Amazing is the word I use. They have defined and toned muscles and their gams are just gorgeous.. Well dancing not only is…View Post

Roasted red hummus dip

This is a great dip with crackers or celery for dipping! Definitely going to be on my Super Bowl menu. It’s quick and easy , but most of all healthy and nutritious! This feeds 8…View Post