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What I now wish I could've told my 20 year old self

It’s crazy that I’m 39 years old. I say that for many reasons.. For one .. I remember my 16th birthday.. My sweet 16.. Secondly, I remember turning 18.. Wow I’m an official adult ahha moment,.. Thirdly the day I turned 21.. I can drink alcohol!! YAy!.. 22 I get married.. To the love of my life 25 I have my first baby .. Who is by far the coolest boy on the planet.. I learn stuff from him every day. And 29 I have the baby girl who cracks me up every single day. But looking back.. 10 years ago when I had her..all those great milestones feel like yesterday and time as really flown by.. I was a child, teenager, adult and mother and wife in a blink of an eye. All of it so beautiful.. Yet I would relive those moments in a heartbeat. Now at 39.. I would seriously tell my young self to slow down .. Be a kid.. , don’t rush your life.. Second.. Don’t let others push you down.. They just show weakness. Thirdly.. You will ALWAYS have someone that doesn’t like you.. But oh well.. It’s their loss right.. Fourth.. Believe people when they actually say to you .. Time flies.. And you just roll your eyes as if they have no clue what they are talking about.. Fifth.. Be yourself always.. There is no one like you on this earth. Sixth.. Not roll my eyes every time my parents worried about me.. As I’m going through that right now with my own children.. The passing of time makes people grow wiser, but it also shows them that when people say live in the moment.. It’s for a reason.. It’s that .. A moment.. That will come and go forever… So … Precious words to remember everyday… Live your life .. Everyday in the moment.. Really in the moment.. No stress, no anxiety, no worries.. Enjoy that precious time.. Laugh a lot.. Goof off.. Be crazy.. Have fun… And do the things that you’ve always wanted to do.. Because it will just become a passing moment… Live in the now !!! 💜y



  1. Charlotte
    March 27, 2014 / 1:01 am

    Wow, very well said I must say and definitely all true.

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