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Why I love massagesđź’ś

I was in Atlanta about a month ago, and as much as I was looking forward to going and seeing the city.. I was more excited about me time.. Which in my mind meant pampering .. Massages , nails, facial.. All of it.. But my favorite was the massage and I’ll tell you why.. It’s always been the massage. The minute I lay on the massage bed , I instantly feel like I’m on cloud nine.. Everything disappears from my mind.. I am so relaxed that I feel like I could fall asleep any minute.. And of course .. The Ritz.. Where I had it done, had warmers on the bed. Unbelievable! As soon as I had it.. Instant relaxation.. I felt so relieved of the jet lag, and rejuvenation. But it’s not all about the relaxation part… I feel it’s very important for internal health. There are so many advantages to massage.. It reduces body inflammation, breaks down toxins in the body, great for blood circulation, and the list goes on and on.. If your like me.. You get a massage any chance you can.. I know people view it as a luxury , but it really does help the health of your body.. So give your self some pampering … And go get a rub down.. You won’t regret it!!!



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