Why red wine is good for you!

Well I am the first to admit that I am a wine lover. I love wine do much for a lot of reasons. I love the smell.. The origins.. The bottles.. ( I mean a good bottle is a bit sexy) don’t you think? The corks, the makers .. The list goes on and on.. But also the health benefits.. I glass a day has so much antioxidants good for your heart. It actually has reservatol in it which is a huge antioxidant… Going over board isn’t so good with drinking a bottle a night.. Which I hope none of you are doing.. But raising a glass every so often isn’t so bad.. Cheers to you and good health & happiness! Xoxo



Fit and bliss you tube channel workouts

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3 things that you didn't know about chocolate

Everyone knows by now that chocolate is good for you .. Only the good chocolate..and what I mean by that is dark chocolate.. First of all..

1. It’s good for your heart. 💜
It contains oleic acid ( the mono fat in olive oil) a type that doesn’t raise bad cholesterol.

2. It makes you less hungry.
Eating 1.5 oz a day can make you feel more satisfied & and less hungry through out the day.

3. It’s better when it’s a bitter because of the cocoa being low fat and higher in antioxidants!!

Eat up
On your dark chocolate daily! Your heart will be thankful!



Great exercises with kettle bells




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