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How to live in the moment!

You know sometimes with the chaos that we live in daily.. It’s hard to slow down and really live in the moment. It use to be hard for me but I have simply learned a lot through my great meditation friend who advises to take deep breaths and not looking back on the past or what happened yesterday or worrying about the future which hasn’t happened yet. It’s ok to have goals daily.. But don’t let anxiety , stress, worry or fear of anything run your days because it’s taking away from what’s really important which is the moments.. They are here and gone in a heartbeat. So these have worked for me..,don’t think about what happened yesterday or anything from the past. It’s called the past for a reason. 2. Yoga & meditation is a mugs for me. Take deep breaths daily and concentrate on the breath. 3. When u wake up in the morning .. Think of the blessings you have .. And what you plan to do with your day that is something you want to do. 4. Don’t let fear , worry or anything for that matter control your life..go after everything!!! You live once….đź’ś


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