My dream workout closet!

This just gave me inspiration on a ” workout closet” .. Beautiful huh???




My favorite salad: caprese salad

This is seriously one of the best salads minus the bread & croutons! Thesis quite yummy!

Cut up big slices of mozzarella cheese ( low fat skin) .. Place them in a row. Top with small tomatoes and place these two items on a bed of spinach. I drizzle mine with a little olive oil & vinegar! Enjoy!



How to start a home yoga practice!

I love going to yoga, but when I ask my friends to sometimes join me they say well I would look stupid, or I’m not flexible.. Well before you head to your local yoga class, the best thing to do is start a small practice at home and get comfortable with it. Sometimes yoga can be intimidating for some people because it can be a fast pace practice for some. Some great tips would be:
Grab a Mat.. Go to your local book store and buy one if those card sets full of yoga poses. Practice your breathing while posing. Do every day for 15-20 minutes. Try to do this for about 2-3 weeks. Within this time, you will watch your body become more flexible. Drink plenty of water. Then maybe it will be a bit easier to head to your local yoga class and feel great! You can do it!!!!



The new nike wrap shoe

Good morning everyone! Ok so I went to Chicago last weekend, and found these new wrap shoes by Nike! Totally had to have them to wear to my yoga class’s & barre classes! These shoes give your feet such stability while doing your poses and maintaining balance. They are so comfortable too! You should check them out if you are a yogi like me! 💜



Beautiful summer outfit