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Why you need to say no, and not be a yes person

With has hectic as life is today , and all the craziness that goes on.. Your time is more and more valuable. I know so many people that I call “yes” people. People that just can’t say no.. They say yes to getting together , they say yes to helping out with functions, the hate the people that get called when someone needs to fill in.. Just because they are going to say yes! I’m not saying it’s not ok to help out with things that are close to your heart.. Or that you truly want to do.. But just to say yes to anything., when you have children of your own that have games, or their own functions.. Is not something that you have to do.. In the end., it’s less time for YOU!!! The older I get.. The more choosy I am with what I do with my time.. Really take the time to choose what you say yes to.. Because in the end, you don’t want to regret what you missed out on..it’s ok to say NO!


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