Advocare 24 day challenge

I’m getting ready to do the 24 day challenge! I’ll be posting photos soon! Can’t wait! I’ll be getting all the toxins out of my system and putting my body into a great phase! I’ll be posting a recipe every day for 24 days!!! Stay tuned!! Better yet..,join me!!im starting it .. Monday July 28! I’ll be posting a challenge for all to join in this weekend. Let’s motivate !!!


Cutest hair ever

Do you ever get up on those hot days and want to do something cute to your hair instead of sticking it in some crazy ponytail.. Check this out.. This is do stylish yet cute!!! Love it!!!



Great eye shadow diagram

Do you ever wonder how to get that gorgeous eye that you see on celebrities? We’ll this is a diagram to show you where to out the highlighter& dark shadow & light shadow! Greatest thing ever!!!




I decided to go more blond



Coming this week! Vine workouts

Do you ever get up in the morning , and not know where to start? We’ll I’ll be here for you! Follow me. Every day getting you out of bed, and into the best body ever!!! I will be doing arms, legs, and core!! I will lead you in your every day workouts and get you where you want to be!!! You can count on it!!!!