Advocare 24 day challenge

This week I start the advocare 24 day challenge to get my body rid of the toxins and start eating clean! This recipe is great for the challenge. You take a muffin tin and cut up onion, peppers, tomatoes. Add egg whites over the vegetables and bake on 350 for about 20 min. Advocare is an amazing product.. And you will not believe the photos I will be posting of some of the people who are going on it.. And who have done it.. If you are interested in the products.. Please email me @ mdroulos @ These products are filler free .. Natural and doesn’t have all the preservatives in it to give it life. Want a free booklet?? Let me know !!


Love these nails!!



Beautiful Bridgette Bardot

I absolutely love the old time photos with the most beautiful women back in the day! It totally captures such elegance and beauty! Love Bridgette bardot!