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What is true beauty to you? We’ll everyone sees beauty in so many different ways( most of us thinking that external is important).. Which only lasts so long. I wrote an article a while back on anti aging and the phenomenon of it all. For those of you that follow me.. I’m sure you read it. Aging is happening to all of us on a daily basis .. We do what we can to our bodies to keep us active and healthy so we can feel good as we do grow older.. Beauty lies in so many areas in so many different ways. Growing older to some is horrible and they try to defy it. Others are so ok with the wrinkles they earn and not so .. May I say vain as a lot of other people are. I can tell you beauty to me in a lot of ways is seeing an 80 year old couple holding hands or a old woman at the beauty counter still caring about feeling good and looking good, even though she is a widow. ( who I met the other day).. What I am meaning to say in this posting is .. Live your life to the fullest everyday .. Grow old gracefully.. Love you life. Take risks.. Do the things you never thought you could do .. But want to try.. This photo I am posting to me is so beAutiful.. This woman you know has earned that face probably in the happiest Ways.. Once again beauty is seen in so many different ways! Xoxo


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