Hi all.. With all the crazy beauty news, reality tv, celebrity standards.. And so forth.. I can see why so many people have this ” standard” of beauty or standard of beautiful. To me.. Beauty goes so much further than looks. Believe me when I say this. There are some ugly people out there because of what they represent on the inside. As approaching 40, I’ve come across some of them. They have no clue what beautiful is . They have ugly attitudes, horrible insecurities and the list goes on and on.. But one thing I’ve learned is you have to feel sorry for them in so many ways because they have those insecurities and that’s what’s making them .. Act the way they do.. As raising a girl in this society.. It’s so important that they know beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, characters, personalities .. But people can judge right away or soon enough how ugly a person is to them. Just surround yourself with real people with good character and personalities and fun people who does not take life seriously or sucks the life out of you. The good positive people bring the good positive energy out of people and it articulates between everyone! It’s so important ! Keep positive and have a positive and fulfilling life full of beautiful people !


Best reds! 💋💋💋💋💋💋

If a lot of you are like me.. You love the color red , but sometimes it can make you look a little washed out if you feel your looking pale .. Or you do not want to pull off that ” rough look”. Well here is a great guide to follow for different skin tones! This is a great chart! Red nail polish can look too drab at times!



Cutest summer outfit

This is the cutest summer outfit!



Summer is slowly ending

Well dolls & guys .. I hate to say it but summer is slowly progressing to an ending. It makes me sad for so many reasons . One being that it’s another summer that we have made great memories .. But one more year my kids are older.. And moving to another grade.. I miss the wine nights with my girlfriends, the lightening bug catching nights between my daughter and her friends.. The late nights of shooting hoops with my kids .. It all goes so fast. But it’s one more summer we can look back and reflect on .. How great it was and the amazing memories & trips that happened! The back to school schedules are now setting in .. But I wouldn’t wish it away as it will be gone all too soon!