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The effects of positive energy! ๐Ÿ’œ

Do you ever get up some days and feel as if you are are laggy, stressed, full of anxiety due to having constant stress in your head ? Or you feel as if your head will not shut off? This effects a lot of people , and to truly have peace in your life.. You have to find that center that puts you at peace. Some things to try are: don’t listen or put yourself around negativity. It’s toxic. Second.. Get up everyday and count your blessings. There are people out there dealing with some stressful things such as cancer, deaths, Ect. Third.. Be grateful for your health. Be happy that your in a state of great health. Fourth.. Meditate& do yoga.. It completely relaxes your mind & body. Fifth.. Take care of your temple.. ( body).. God have it to you and you need to keep it in working gear & put it in a stress free environment to stay peaceful within!


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