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Booze Rules!

The holidays are so difficult with all the great food, desserts, champagne, and sugary wines.. One thing you want to remember is the booze rules for avoiding that hangover! No one wants to feel crappy, and it’s all about the pace! I love wine .. And it’s one of my loves… But you can enjoy your favorite holiday drinks without over doing it! Booze rules:: sip don’t chug.. You chug.. You feel like crap.. Wine and alcohal is meant to be sipped. If you want to chug.. Grab some water!
Limit yourself to 2-3 drinks.. Any more than that. You will crave the junk food… Always eat before drinking. You will not drink as much and will have a more full feeling when it comes to food.
Alternate each drink with mineral water. Hydration is key!
Try to avoid those sugary drinks.. They seriously are a dessert as a liquid!
Choose red over white wine .. It’s more heavy and therefore you don’t drink as fast!
When you get home.. Before bed.. Try to drink some coconut water.. Has key elements for hydrating. Drinking ginger kombucha does well too! Cheers to a healthy festive holiday!


Evening clutch needs!

Well it’s that time of year with parties, gatherings, and holiday festivities! One thing all women carry at this time is a beautiful clutch! Well here is what to pack in that clutch without bringing your whole purse belongings! Only the must haves!

Lipstick& or gloss, lip pencil, compact mirror, blotting papers, and a perfume roller, mints, and your phone & might want to bring a credit card! That is all you need for that perfect night .. And of course a gorgeous clutch! 💜



Happy holidays from Fit and Bliss! πŸ’œ



Fall makeup

This look is gorgeous for fall.. Lovely colors!