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A day with my crazy habits!

Well I’ve gotten some emails asking me what I eat, how I eat, do I eat organic? Well I’m here to put it out there.. It’s crazy .. Everyone in my family calls me a ” health nut”, and I look at my daily habits, and I wouldn’t call me a health nut but instead someone who just chooses health as a big priority in my life. Well as soon as I wake up, I have me a cup of hot water with fresh squeezed lemon in it . It just recharges my morning. It reduces inflammation in the body also. I have either one small black coffee or 1 cup of green tea after I drink my water. I eat either a small cup of Greek yogurt with berries, or 1 piece of buckwheat toast with fresh avocado and a little pepper. ( I know boring right).. I usually go grab a workout or do my workout. I’m really loving kettleworx right now. I hydrate during my workout of course, and as soon as I get home , I eat me a simply organic high protein bar. I try to drink 12 -13 glasses of water a day! I take a daily wheatgrass shot and I juice Atleast 3 xs a day with celery, kale, spinach, cucumber and I add chorella to that with chia seeds. My lunch is usually a spinach salad with some sort of protein and vegetables or a gluten free burrito. My mid afternoon snack is usually nuts. Then for dinner I usually have a vegetable with fish or chicken or enjoy one of my husbands magnificent meals! I do drink kombucha for probiotic. I do drink a lot if green tea. I’m very disciplined in my eating and have felt amazing & energetic. When I am feeling down, I try to increase my vegetables & fruit intake! You are the one that knows your body best. Not everyone is wired the same nutritionally. That’s the day of my crazy health habits! One thing I want you to take with this is just make sure you get in your fruits & veggies!


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