18 K gold mani

Ok girls.. I just ordered this a few days ago and can’t wait to get it!! Gwen stefani has come up with a 18k gold mani by OPI! Perfect for the holidays!! It sells for 30.00.



Live like a champion!

If you are anything like me.. You always strive for a challenge!!! You work your butt off for the best and you won’t stop until you get there! Well this is one of my favorite quotes… Live like a champion.. If you want something… Do it now..



💜Fit and Bliss E book.. Fall 2015

My first ever E Book will be coming out in the fall of 2015. I am so excited about this venture And can be bought starting next fall! Such a great book on fitness& fashion and so much more!! How to bring bliss into your fitness and daily life!!! Stay tuned!!!


Ugg lovers… These are the bomb!

Now that I’m on a roll about shoes.. Which I own too many to count., here are the best of all .. The ugg slippers.. I received these last Christmas as a gift , and I am utterly addicted to them.. I now buy them for people as gifts any chance I get! Who doesn’t love the warmth of them.. Let alone how cute they are.. I am so wanting to buy them for my daughter but yet haven’t seen them made for youth! These are definitely worth the money .. And the colors are gorgeous!



Toms toms toms!

Who doesn’t love toms shoes.. The whole story that goes behind them .. Gets me every time.. Giving a free pair of toms to someone in need everytime you buy.. That gives you the reason to buy them everytime.. And the fact they are always coming out with the cutest styles! I love the new wedges in every color.. In fact.. I just bought the black ones.. So cute with rolled up skinny jeans! Check it out!