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💜ways to detox everyday💜

Everyone thinks that detoxing consist of no eating & and days of drinking countless amounts of basically nothing.. That’s true if you are wanting to do a 3-5 day harsh cleanse that they sell online, but there are ways to naturally detox everyday!!!
* sweat it out everyday* everyday try to get a without in.. Everyday that you workout, you are sweating out toxins, and revitalizing that metabolism.

* start everyday with hot lemon water.. Doing this every morning will balance your body’s PH and aid in a healthy digestion.

* eat fresh fruit and veggies everyday! I juice every single day , and believe me it makes a difference. Aids in healthy liver and kidney function..

* try to do a little yoga everyday.. The health benefits from yoga are unbelievable.. Aids in good liver function and starts your internal heat process..

* drink green tea.. In this drink.. There are so many antioxidants and increases the production of detoxification! Try to do these everyday!! It is so important to start your days off on a good start..

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