Adorable Do

Ladies, what are you doing with your hair these days? I’m always looking for trendy dos. Some days are just ponytail days. But those get old… I discovered this cute do on Pinterest not too…View Post

Flourish Boutique

I’m just loving the gorgeous skirts at Flourish Boutique. And their prices are great. Check them out here.View Post

Glam Glow Youth Mud

I shared this amazing product with you about two months ago, and the feedback I received was unreal! It’s an intense product that rids  impurities; and I just love it! I exfoliate at least three…View Post

What Is the One Beauty Item You Can't Live Without? 

Hi, beauties! I’ve been wearing makeup a long time, and I’ve become so use to my favorite products — I just can’t imagine living without them. I’m really curious: What item can’t you live without?…View Post

Buxom Brandy

Buxom products have always been a favorite of mine, especially their lip glosses. They have the most amazing colors and they compliment all skin tones. In this photo I’m wearing Buxom Brandy, which is one of…View Post