Fantastic Party Dresses, Affordable Prices

No one likes going to a party and feeling unnoticed, right? Well, if you want to be strikingly fashionable at your next cocktail party, and make sure everyone knows you’ve arrived, step it up a notch…View Post

Make Good Eating Decisions

For so long, people have turned to food as a filler for so many voids in life. Whether it’s stress, happiness, addiction, or whatever… It’s always been food for a lot of people. I’m not…View Post

Lululemon Vinyasa Infiniti Scarf! 

Had to share my new Lulu scarf with all you Lululemon lovers out there! Super comfy, and super cute! It adds a little fun to your everyday workout clothes!  View Post

One Shoulder Gold Bikini Cover

I’ve had a few emails asking me about my coverup since my Instagram post. This coverup is from Victoria’s Secret and comes in gold sparkle. I’ve even worn it with shorts and skirts as a…View Post

Distressed Jeans

One item that is hot this year is distressed jeans (and I have in SO many types of denim!). They look amazing with heels or the new Tom’s wedges. They have an edgy but cool…View Post