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10 Skinny Foods to Have on Hand!

The new week is upon us, ladies, and that means back to the gym tomorrow, right? Absolutely! To encourage you to stay fueled up and motivated, I wanted to give you 10 healthy snack options to always keep on hand. These will keep you from over-eating at dinner time, and they’re nutrient rich. Try to keep these items always stocked in your kitchen, and alternate them daily as healthy snacks!

  1. Hummus.  This delicious snack is protein rich and fights hunger.
  2. Salsa.  This snack is low in calories, and filled with nutrients.
  3. Eggs.  Eggs aid in fat burning, and fight off belly fat.
  4. Almonds.  I always snack on these due to their richness in vitamin E.
  5. Chia seeds. Nutty, light flavor, but high in omega 3 fatty acids.
  6. Quinoa.  Gluten free and fiber filled.
  7. Parmesan cheese.  Alternate this for any cheese you use regularly. It’s an asset in fighting pounds.
  8. Sprouted grain bread.  Rich in fiber, so you’ll stay fuller longer.
  9. Yogurt.  Belly flattening, and high in calcium.
  10. Bananas.  Rich in potassium.

What are your favorite healthy snacks? Scroll down and let me know in the ‘reply’ section! Love, -Melissa



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