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Stress Busters!

Happy Sunday, lovlies!

stress freeLast week, a few people asked me if I have any advice on stress management. Life can can get so chaotic, and everyone is trying to get from one function to another – whether it’s running kids around town, handling household duties for your family, or just getting ready for a big event!

Well, the way I deal with stress is through my workouts. I’m not one who stresses out too much. I may think, “Wow, when are things going to slow down?” but I won’t let stress ruin my day. I get up, I workout, and everything is better. Believe me, at this time in my life, my kids have so many things going on… But I keep grounded by maintaining my workouts and eating healthy and taking my supplements. In addition, here are some of my stress busters that I cherish; and, maybe you can make them a part of your life, too!

  1. Take a walk.  I can’t tell you how many times I take walks, just for the peace and quiet. It gives me time to process everything going on in my busy life.
  2. Take a hot bath.  Okay ladies, I am obsessed with baths. I literally call my bathroom my spa. I love baths, bath oils, and the big white fluffy robe to go along with it. Relax and enjoy!
  3. Meditation.  I only started taking this up a month ago, and I can’t tell you how much it has changed my life. Fifteen minutes of meditation per day is all you need. It gives you time to rejuvenate your mind and body. My friend introduced me to this, and I have one word: Hooked!
  4. Deep breathing.  Just taking 10 minutes a day to breathe deep and get in the now is so huge for your soul. In the future, I will be doing a tutorial on deep breathing, so be on the lookout for that!
  5. Dance!  Who doesn’t have fun dancing?! Once a month, my girlfriends and I go out for a nice dinner, and then we hit a dance floor! Love it – keeps you young!
  6. Yoga.  Yoga, especially hot yoga, is such a stress buster! Do it once, and trust me – you’ll be back in no time!

Live life by the day, ladies! Don’t worry about what’s in the future… Live in the moment! Love, -Melissa

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