Beauty Tip Tuesday!



5 Beauty Mistakes to Stop Making Today!

Happy Tuesday, ladies!

Makeup can be a girl’s best friend, but makeup can also be your frenemy if you apply it incorrectly. I’m sure you’ve witnessed someone who looks like she put on her makeup in the dark! I know I have… Heavy and caked on makeup is NOT attractive. Below are the top 5 beauty mistakes I see on a regular basis.

For more makup no-nos, click the image.

For more makup no-nos, click the image.

1. Don’t ever go to bed with makeup. It doesn’t matter if you get home at 7pm or 3am… Take that makeup off! It will prevent breakouts (and keep your sheets clean, too).

2. Never curl your lashes with mascara on. Curl before applying to prevent clumping.

3. Don’t pump your mascara wand in the tube before applying. This will dry out your mascara, and believe me — dry mascara does not look good!

4. Go light on the foundation. Too much can make you look so much older. Take a foundation brush and apply just a dab and apply. If that’s not enough, add another dab on the brush and gradually work up to a natural amount of coverage.

5. Stop applying blush in the wrong area of the cheeks. Blush does NOT go over the entire cheek, ladies! You could end up looking like you just came from the circus. Apply blush right under the cheek bone to lift your cheeks and angle your face. Try making fish lips if your cheeks are full.

Apply these rules everyday to your makeup routine. Your skin will be better, more refreshed, and more beautiful. What’s your makeup pet peeve? Let me know in the comment section!


Austin Fashion Week Find: Raven + Lily

Hi, ladies!

I just got back from the amazing city of Austin, and was so excited to be able to attend Fashion Week’s Discovery Event at Austin Music Hall. The talented clothing, handbag, and jewelry designers were just amazing, and I wanted EVERYTHING!

One item I couldn’t live without was a hand-crafted necklace from Raven + Lily. This piece was part of the brand’s Ethiopian line, which is made from bullets. Yes, that’s right – farmers find bullets on their (formerly war-conflicted) land and give them to bead makers! There’s a story behind every piece.

Their jewelry is absolutely stunning, and their cause is to empower women through design. Please check them out!

Click the image to go to Raven + Lily's website

Click the image to go to Raven + Lily’s website