Beauty Benefits of Oil. Yes. Oil

Hi, ladies!

As you know, I had the greatest time at the Austin Fashion Week Discovery show and met some amazing new designers who showcased their amazing products!

I set some time aside to rave about this amazing company called Olive + M! I could not believe the smell of these oils – and they made my hands feel SO soft. Also, I tried some facial cleansing oil, and I cannot tell you how amazing it has made my face feel, and how it has made me glow!

Olive oil has been in the news a lot lately, and it comes with not only health but great beauty benefits. After trying this amazing oil, it’s NO joke! Please try this line out! It’s on top and amazing.

olive face oil

Click the image to shop Olive + M products



Why Pedicures are Important

Happy Saturday, ladies!

Well Spring is here, and that means flip flop season! There are so many reasons people (including men – yes men get pedicures too) love pedicures. Obviously just the relaxation effect is amazing, but ultimately taking care of your feet should be a priority for many of reasons. For example: Calluses can become problematic… Getting regular pedicures can also prevent ingrown toenails. Ingrown toenails can become so painful, and can cause infections near the nail beds. Keeping your feet healthy with pedicures can prevent cracked heels which are also painful, and they are hard to get rid of once once they have been there for awhile. I’m sure anyone would agree they are not pretty to look at! There are so many reasons to book that appointment and get your feet indulged!


Flawless Eyebrows


Are you wanting those gorgeous brows? Well look no further. I recently tried Anastasia Brow Bar, and it’s phenomenal. It will give your eyebrows the perfect arch and will define them like no other. It can be picked up at Sephora or on Anastasia Beverly Hill’s website (click the image below to visit the website).

Perfect eyeblows