Antioxidant Smoothie

Hi, ladies!

I wanted to share with you another one of my magnificent smoothies  that I actually make quite often, and my kids love it. This smoothie is full of nutrients, and is so delicious. I usually try to make this twice a week for a mid afternoon snack.  If you decide this is a smoothie you would like to try, I’d advise you to use whey protein because it contains amino acids.

-6 oz. organic cherries
-1.5 cups coconut water
-1 scoop whey protein powder
-3/4 cup mixed berries
-1/2 cup raw spinach
-1/4 cup beets

Blend and enjoy!


Take Some "ME" Time ALWAYS!💛

Happy Friday, beauties!

I just wanted to throw out there that as hectic as today’s world is, it’s always important to give yourself “ME” time. I know many of you have jobs, children, your children’s schedules, etc., but it’s always important to schedule that massage, go shopping with a girlfriend, get a pedicure, or just say NO one day and go do the things that relax you! You deserve it! I always take one day a week for ME time, because to be on top of things, I need it. My weekends are always hectic, so I know for my mind and body to stay balanced, I have to take some time and do the things that I normally don’t get to do when I’m with my children… That, my beauties, was today! Always remember: In order to take care of everyone else, you need to take care of YOU first! Hope you all have a great Friday! 💛💛💛


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Tie One On! 

Hi Ladies!

One of the hottest trends of 2015 is the neck scarf, including the infiniti scarf. They add a statement like no other. A white tank or cute top paired with a bold color scarf is going to look dynamite. The great thing about neck scarves is that they can be worn with about anything. I wear my infiniti scarves with my yoga pants a lot of the times. I’m loving the little neck scarves paired with a great skirt and bold shoes. You can find neck scarves and infiniti scarves at most local online shops and department stores. The one below is one of my favorites, sold on Etsy. Isn’t it just gorgeous? Do you have a favorite scarf to show off on Fit and Bliss? If so, send it to and I’ll post it on my blog!

XOXO, -Melissa


5 Reasons to Try Resistance Band Training

Happy Friday, ladies!

Resistance bands are such a valuable tool these days for many reasons. 1) If I happen to head out on a weekend trip, and I know I’ll be gone a few days, I will throw my resistance band in my bag. That way I can get a small workout in while I’m gone. 2) The bands come in multiple levels, such as light, medium, or heavy; so anyone at any fitness level can use them. 3) The cost on resistance bands is low. It’s an inexpensive item to add to your home fitness routine. 4) With resistance bands, you’re able to exercise your entire body, including every muscle group. 5) Lastly, you can exercise when you’re on the road. That’s the BEST thing about this great product. Resistance bands can be bought at any sporting good store or online.