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5 Reasons to Try Resistance Band Training

Happy Friday, ladies!

Resistance bands are such a valuable tool these days for many reasons. 1) If I happen to head out on a weekend trip, and I know I’ll be gone a few days, I will throw my resistance band in my bag. That way I can get a small workout in while I’m gone. 2) The bands come in multiple levels, such as light, medium, or heavy; so anyone at any fitness level can use them. 3) The cost on resistance bands is low. It’s an inexpensive item to add to your home fitness routine. 4) With resistance bands, you’re able to exercise your entire body, including every muscle group. 5) Lastly, you can exercise when you’re on the road. That’s the BEST thing about this great product. Resistance bands can be bought at any sporting good store or online.

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