Hot App Alert: sunZapp!

Hey, beauties!

It’s getting to be that time of year when sunscreen needs to be your best friend. It’s great when the sun is shining, but you need to protect your skin. Protection is a must! Even if it’s a bit cloudy, it’s important to still lather on the SPF.

A really cool app I just downloaded is called sunZapp. This free app tracks the UV forecast wherever you are and let’s you know when you need to reapply sunscreen. As you all probably know, UV rays are the worst. When they’re out, reach for a high SPF to keep your skin beautified! Download that app today – your skin will thank you! XOXO, Melissa

Click image to go to sunZapp's website!

Click image to go to sunZapp’s website!


Drink Up: C2O Coconut Water

Happy Thursday!

Everyone knows how important it is to drink the daily recommended amounts of water. It flushes toxins and helps you stay hydrated. Well, plain water is boring. So, I drink C20 Coconut Water every day! Here are the reasons why: 1) Coconut water has a delicious taste, especially when extra chilled. 2) It has a low glycemic level of 35. 3) It helps manage blood sugar, and keeps your body’s electrolyte balance in place. 4) It has no allergens, no gluten, no fat, no additives, or sweeteners.

If you don’t buy a premium coconut water, you can get stuff in there that you just don’t need. Like unnecessary sugars. No thanks! That’s why I am recommending C20! It is simply divine. If you are ever getting tired of drinking standard bottled water, change it up a bit, and add in some C20!

Click image to go to C20's website!

Click image to go to C20’s website!