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Confessions of a Shoe Addict

Hi, ladies!

I’m sure you all have your addictions to something, whether it be in fashion, food, etc. Well, I am confessing my addiction: Shoes! I can’t even tell you how young I was when I started loving shoes. It started in my mother’s closet. I’d walk  around in her heels when I was little, thinking I was a grown-up. That may have been it for me.

My daughter is a shoe addict as well, and I believe it may have started for her just like it did for me. It’s funny, when we are together we have so much fun shoe shopping. I have recently started going through my closet and parting with some of my older shoes to give away to moms in need, but as I get rid of one pair, another steps in and takes their place.

I ask myself everyday, why does a woman need eight pairs of black boots, three pairs of black wedges, and countless black stilettos? Then I realize that they all look different in some way, and that’s why I have them. I’ve tried to talk my daughter into giving some of her shoes away, and she agreed. I am wondering if she will be just as bad as I am when she’s a grown woman.

You always say to yourself as a shoe addict, “You never know when you will need those shoes for a particular outfit.” I guess I should be happy that I have such a fun addiction. What’s yours?

Click image to check out some cute shoes on Pinterest!

Click image to check out some cute shoes on Pinterest!


  1. May 20, 2015 / 10:59 am

    Haha! I am such a shoe addict. Love your blog would be great if you could check my latest post too 🙂

    • May 20, 2015 / 11:02 am

      Sure will! You can follow fit and bliss on Facebook

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