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Sonia Kashuk Makeup Brushes

Happy Wednesday, beauties!

I’ve owned plenty of makeup brushes. Some of them are super expensive, and some are just cheap. Kabuki brushes can run $40.00 to $50.00, just for one! I think it’s a bit ridiculous to be spending that much on a makeup brush…

I have to confess: My favorite makeup brushes are the Sonia Kashuk brushes from Target. You can get an entire set of 10 brushes for the cost of one Kabuki brush, and they are fantastic! She makes the stems of the brushes in gorgeous designs.

Sonia Kashuk carries limited edition sets, which are a bit more than her standard brushes, but I have to say these are my favorites. You can buy the sets that include all the foundation and crease brushes.

Are you on the lookout for new brushes? Check out Sonia Kashuk! Her products rock.

Click image to shop Sonia Kashuk on Target.com!

Click image to shop Sonia Kashuk on Target.com!

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