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Happy Friday, ladies!

I don’t know about you, but it seems this week has flown by! But I guess that’s any week in my world. Well, I have gotten some messages asking me what I do to prep my skin. Skin prepping takes some work to get that amazing glow. I do try to exfoliate at least three days a week with my PMD wand, which basically takes care of all the dryness that accumulates. I also add in a great exfoliater scrub, such as Kate Somerville, or La Mer which are both amazing.

I’m pretty low maintenance through the week, due to working out, or just wanting to give my skin a break. Once the week starts, it’s just basically mascara, lip gloss and a little tinted moisturizer. If I know I’ll be wearing makeup for a long time, I usually apply a tinted moisturizer such as Laura Mercier. Once that has settled, I then apply my Smashbox Primer, and then while that is drying into my skin, I apply my eye makeup and mascara. Once my eyes are complete, I take a small makeup wedge, and apply a bit of water and dab all around my face. This adds a bit of moisture, then I top it off with my Bare Essentials powder. I’m not really a foundation person at all. I feel as if my face has a mask on when I wear it, and I truly don’t like it. There are times though, when I dab a small amount over my nose and blend. My last and favorite is applying my favorite lipstick or gloss. Make sure you have a clean face and never sleep in your makeup. Clean skin is always the base for a healthy and vibrant face!

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