Spirulina: My Superfood!

Hi, ladies! I love talking about juicing recipes and my favorite healthy concoctions. One thing I love doing is buying tons of fruits and vegetables and experimenting with my daughter. We have so much fun…View Post


Love yourself everyday and Do what you love!!!   View Post

Cut Out the Sugar!

Hey, ladies! There is no other blissful feeling thanΒ feeling healthy. AndΒ I’m sure you all know how much sugar can affect your health. On average, people take in an additional 22 teaspoons of sugar daily on…View Post

Strawberry and Kiwi Parfait

Happy Tuesday, ladies! I want to share one of my daughter’s favorite breakfast delights! It’s full of antioxidants and it’s delicious! It really does taste like a healthy dessert. -1.5 cups plain Greek yogurt -1/4…View Post

Brighten Up That Lipstick!

Hey, ladies! I hope you had an amazing weekend! My family and I had so much fun. It’s crazy how much older they are getting. Well, we are all getting older… It’s crazy how many…View Post