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Brighten Up That Lipstick!

Hey, ladies!

I hope you had an amazing weekend! My family and I had so much fun. It’s crazy how much older they are getting. Well, we are all getting older… It’s crazy how many people I talk to everyday who let me know how old they feel! Age is just a number! Yes we are all growing older, but you do not need to feel old.

I recently watched a documentary on a 78-year-old lady who just entered her 10th fitness pageant. She looked great. We cannot run away from the birthdays; we have to embrace them and have parties! (Yes, I love parties!)

A while back, a friend of mine (who has three grown children) visited. She was telling me how she wished she was younger. What I told her was simple: Brighten up your lipstick. I got out my makeup, and completely did her face. She was unbelievably happy when she left, like a totally new woman!

Sometimes people talk about age because they are in a rut. They aren’t making the most of life. Who says you’re too old to go out and dance or go to a Disney movie? Yes, I do both. Act crazy… Life is too short, and I do love to have fun! It keeps you young.

One thing I cannot tolerate is being around people who have no sense of humor, can’t laugh or take a joke, or are serious all the time. Those types seem to be so worried about what people think. I want to actually tell them, “No one cares!” Boring people bore me!

So. Are you feeling old? Need a change? Get the lipstick out, or those killer heels, and go do something fun! Believe me… You will not regret it! Life is about living!

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