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Cut Out the Sugar!

Hey, ladies!

There is no other blissful feeling than feeling healthy. And I’m sure you all know how much sugar can affect your health. On average, people take in an additional 22 teaspoons of sugar daily on top of what is considered “normal” sugar intake. We are flooding our systems with excess sugar, and that’s why we are seeing rising health issues.

Sugar plays a role in so many problems including obesity, heart disease, and cancer. It can affect the way we look and feel. Sugar filled drinks can increase our risk of diabetes, so toss those soft drinks now and replace with water or tea. While there have been debates about acne and sugar, researchers have found that with a lower glycemic diet, people experienced less acne than those with a higher one.

If you feel you are taking in too much sugar, or you have an out of control sweet tooth, take small steps to make changes. Try to cut down from three glasses of soda a day to two. Those soft drinks can be addicting! Do it for your health and make that change.

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Image from “Is Sugar Evil” by Dustin Maher (click to read)

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