MAC Deep Sea

Hi ladies! I always tell you when I find an amazing product… Well, I love the MAC Deep Sea Nail Laquer. It looks exactly like the deep sea. It has a blue-ish tint to it…View Post

Glam Glow Mud Mask

Hi ladies! I’ve had so many messages and emails asking me about a post I did over a year ago on the Glam Glow Mud Mask… All I can say is this must be popular.…View Post

Mini Frozen Yogurt Pops

Happy Friday! Do you have a sweet tooth? Sure, most of us do, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose candy bars or a huge bowl of ice cream. I make these frozen yogurt pops…View Post

My 4 Favorite Summer Lip Glosses

Hi, ladies! I love lip gloss. Even more than lipstick, which can be too dry and matte looking for my taste… I am in love with Sephora lip glosses right now. They come in so…View Post

Dior Show Maximizer

Happy Friday, ladies! Everyone wants gorgeous lashes, and there are so many items being sold to give you  luscious lashes. Dior Show not only sells the most amazing mascaras, but they have the Dior Show…View Post