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Happy Friday, ladies!

Everyone wants gorgeous lashes, and there are so many items being sold to give you  luscious lashes. Dior Show not only sells the most amazing mascaras, but they have the Dior Show Maximizer, which when applied before your mascara, gives lashes fullness and conditions them to the max.

To use, I first curl my lashes. Once curled, I apply the Dior Maximizer lash conditioner. Once that is dried, I apply my favorite mascara (which is Buxom), I wait for the lashes to dry, and then I apply second coat. If you are taking care of your lashes on a daily basis, you will grow beautiful lashes. Remember: Always take your mascara off before bed.

A great little sidenote: applying coconut oil on your lashes at night before bed really helps with keeping them luscious and beautiful and gives them a great conditioning treatment.

Click image to shop Dior Maximizer on Sephora

Click image to shop Dior Maximizer on Sephora

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