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Mini Frozen Yogurt Pops

Happy Friday!

Do you have a sweet tooth? Sure, most of us do, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose candy bars or a huge bowl of ice cream. I make these frozen yogurt pops for my kids, and they love them. Not only are they healthy and not loaded up with sugar and preservatives, they’re quick! I am so thankful for finding this amazing recipe from Woman’s Day Magazine.

-4 cups vanilla Greek yogurt (or combination of chocolate and vanilla yogurt)
-Mini chocolate chips

Divide the yogurt among eight 5-oz cups. Sprinkle with chocolate chips. Cover each cup with foil, making sure each cup is sealed. Make a small slit in the center of each cup and insert a wooden stick in them. Freeze for at least eight hours and up to three days. Before serving them, remove foil and tear away the cup. Viola!

Image from Woman's Day Magazine

Image from Woman’s Day Magazine

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