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Hi ladies!!

I’m a huge fitness advocate, and I never miss a day of working out. I have multiple routines and classes that I enjoy. Fitness keeps me healthy, my energy levels up, and after sweating my ass off, I feel damn good! Don’t you? Well, one workout I cannot live without is yoga! I try at least 2-3 days a week to hit up a yoga class. If I go on a vacation, I make sure wherever I stay, they offer yoga classes. Hot yoga is the bomb, and when I leave I feel amazing! There are so many benefits to yoga… Yoga lowers your stress levels, and improves your mood. Breathing techniques quiet your mind and calm you down into the most relaxed state. Yoga also reduces your risk of injury. It balances your muscle groups. Yoga increases flexibility. It makes your range of motion better, and even works the soft tissue and ligaments in your muscles. Yoga improves your muscle tone. I can’t tell you what yoga has done for my biceps simply from the downward dogs. Yoga also helps your breathing and helps your blood pressure simply from the relaxation effect. who doesn’t feel more relaxed after practicing yoga? I really am thinking of teaching yoga because it has changed my life that much. I can leave a yoga class and I feel amazing! Who doesn’t want to feel amazing?

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