Benefits of Chlorophyll… Green Up

Hi beauties!

Everyone talks so much about how eating your greens is important, and it is. Greens are vital to your health, and getting nutrients and antioxidants in your diet. One product that I feel everyone should be taking is a chlorophyll supplement. There are so many benefits to this product. I feel it’s not talked about as much as it should be. Chlorophyll is an effective way to control hunger and weight loss. In recent research, it was shown that there was reduced hunger in the people that had taken chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is an amazing cleanser. It is known to cleanse and purify the blood, and help with hampering against carcinogens. It is known to help against free radical protection. We all live in a crazy germ filled world, where on a daily basis we are inhaling free radicals which absorb into our bodies. It’s up to us to cleanse our bodies, and take care of protecting our bodies against those nasty things . This is only a great additive to protection on our parts. There are so many great chlorophyll products out there, but I always advise to take the most pure form. The liquid supplement is amazing, and I take it every day. It  put it in my water daily, and I feel once I’ve taken it, I’ve done just one more thing to help my body against free radical damage. You may not think that you are breathing in bad air, or ingesting preservatives when you eat certain things, but you are. Taking daily protective measures only add to our health as we age. I wish I could sit here for an hour and write about how much I love chlorophyll. It will always be a part of my daily regimen to keep my body performing at the top, and supplying it with the antioxidants it needs to have as I age.


Makeup Forever Luminizer Gel

Hello beauties!

I’ve always told you that I am a “try and tell” kind of girl. I try so you don’t have to, because the last thing I want you to do is waste your money on products that claim to do something, but don’t. Well, recently I tried the Makeup Forever Luminizer gel to see if it gave me the glowing look it promised, and I have to say that I was disappointed.

I am a lover of Makeup Forever products, and  buy a lot of them, but this product did not meet my expectations. It actually comes out quite quickly from the pump, and it is way too much to use, so when you go to wipe off the excess gel you are basically wasting it. If you have oily skin, I advise against this product as it seems to contain oil, and could cause breakouts.

It did not give me the glowing look I wanted. I looked oily! So once I had it on for about an hour, I decided to wash my face. I’m always trying new things because I love makeup, and I live for experimenting with it. Makeup Forever does make quality products, but this is one that I will not buy again. I am not here to tell you not to buy it. You can experiment with it, and some of you may love it. Everyone has different skin types. I guess you don’t know if you love something , unless you try it!

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Black Bean Salad

Hey beauties!

I wanted to share with you a quickie recipe that is really healthy and full of fiber. If you are ever on the run and need to make something quick, try this black bean salad.

-1 can organic black beans seasoned
-1 tomato chopped or diced
-1 lobster tails, skinned, diced
-1/3 cup veggie organic low skin mozzarella
-Walnuts optional



In Good Flavor: Eataly

Happy Monday, beauties!

I love healthy food filled with antioxidants and nutrients, and eating at a wonderful restaurant that offers all this is even better. One place I need to rave about is Eately in Chicago! My husband and I love everything about this place, and when my kids are graduated we will be spending a lot more time in the Windy City. This place is the playground for Italian food lovers. Next week, I’ll be taking one of their amazing cooking classes with one of the great Eately chefs.

Eately offers the best of the best, including 23 eateries, among Vino Libero, La Piazza, and La Scuola. They span over two stories, and believe me — you will fall in love with these restaurants. You can drop into their amazing store filled with only the greatest products to cook with, and you will find high-quality items. This place even offers private dining experiences for you and your loved ones.

I love travel, and one thing my husband and I love doing is finding great wines for our cellar. Where can you find a good glass of vino, food, and shopping all in one? Heading to Chi-Town soon? Don’t forget to get the Eately experience!

Click image to learn more about Eataly!

Click image to learn more about Eataly!


Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water

Hi ladies!

I picked up a thirst quencher on a super hot day last week, and it’s one of the best coconut waters. It tastes great and pairs well with a good salad. I’m a huge advocate for coconut water due to its health benefits and the hydration it provides. I try to drink one a day, and some days I drink two. Haven’t tried coconut water yet? You’re missing out! Pick up some this week, and I promise you will love it!

Click image to learn more about Taste Nirvana Coconut Water!

Click image to learn more about Taste Nirvana Coconut Water!