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Hi ladies!

I did a post on Instagram a while back on Molton Brown lotions, and I’ve had a few emails asking to elaborate on the brand and the products. I have loved this brand ever since I used it in a Chicago hotel long ago. I have since been buying it for myself and my daughter. We absolutely can’t get enough of the scents! The black pepper scent made by Molton Brown is amazing, and when you use their body washes, you can smell the scents on you all day. Molton Brown has been around for a long time, and I can see why. Molton Brown was actually started as a hair salon back in the 1970’s. They founded their name from South Molten Street where the first store was started, and Brown was the last name of the founder’s parents. It is seriously my top bath products and I rarely use anything else. I’ve tried multiple brands, and nothing yet has topped Molton Brown. In the 1990’s was when Molton Brown started a supply division where they started supplying 5 star hotels with their products. I’m so glad when I found it in ’07 at the Conrad Chicago!! It’s blissful in my world!

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