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Wine… Before Bed Snack?? 

Hi ladies!

I recently came upon some news that researchers have tried saying that drinking a half of bottle of wine before bed helps weight loss. Ummm… I’m not quite understanding how they came up with that! I absolutely love wine… Everything about it. Origins, taste, what it pairs with, and so forth. Wine has a great amount of health benefits such as reservatol which helps repair free radical damage. I do pick wine as my drink choice simply because I love the taste. But I’m not buying the fact that wine before bed could help with weight loss. I know that picking a glass over a bowl of ice cream or a chocolate bar would be more ideal, but wine can carry a lot of sugar in one glass. I try to stay away from the whites as much as possible because they tend to have a lot more sugar than reds. I’m sure all of you keep up on health news, but I really don’t believe how drinking wine before bed could aid in weight loss. Further more, it’s not a very healthy way to live drinking that much wine before sleeping. Yes a glass can unwind and help in aid relaxation, but drinking too much wine can interfere with a good night’s sleep. If any of you are trying to help yourself get to a healthier weight or a healthier way of life, keep drinking your green drinks, water, take supplements, and keep your glass of wine for dinner time!

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