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The Mediterranean Way!

Hey dolls!

Happy Wednesday! I’m halfway through this amazing week and ready for a great fun weekend! You know that I do not like? The word “diet.” I say “healthy lifestyle” instead.

My way of living revolves pretty much around the Mediterranean Diet. I absolutely love olive oil and I use it for a lot of my cooking. I use coconut oil too, but a really good pressed olive oil has so many benefits. The focus of consumption is on plenty of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes.

I really don’t eat much grains, but the good kind has plenty of fiber. If you’re interested in following the Mediterranean way of eating, start by eating mostly plant based foods, add in lots of flavoring herbs, and use less salt. Olive oil and avocados are the good healthy fats. I love the concept because the Mediterranean way of living isn’t just about the food you eat, but how you eat. Eating a good healthy meal with your family and appreciating it is such an important concept, especially for your children.

The Mediterranean way is also about exercising every day, so walking, yoga and meditation are great. It’s very hard to try every night to change eating habits, but small changes daily will help you get there. I’ll be posting some great Mediterranean meals on my blog this week! The plus to the Mediterranean diet is that allows you to enjoy red wine! So for all you red wine lovers out there, like me… Mediterranean is the diet for a healthy life!

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Click image to learn more!


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